Problems with your Child Tax Credits being stopped unfairly?

We’ve been noticing a worrying trend at Citizens Advice Knowsley recently, with a significant number of people visiting us due to their Child Tax Credits (CTC) being stopped without a proper reason. The payments are usually stopped by a company called Concentrix, who are working on behalf of HMRC and are responsible for handling CTC payments.

What you can do if this happens to you

You should ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration to see if you can overturn the decision and start the appeal process. It is helpful at this point if you can provide further evidence of your situation to support your claim
Contact Citizens Advice Knowsley if you are struggling financially in the interim – we may be able to give you details of food banks and other schemes that can help you with fuel costs
Citizens Advice Knowsley can also call Concentrix on your behalf if you are struggling to contact them or pay the cost of phoning them

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Reasons this might happen

  • People accused of co-habiting with a partner when they are actually living with parents, siblings or other family members
  • People informed that they are co-habiting with a partner they have never lived with, or who has moved out. This can happen if the partner or ex-partner’s name is still linked to the address, for example via their name being on utility bills or their post still being delivered there
  • People informed that they are co-habiting with a partner, where the supposed partner is actually a dependent child at the address

Effects this can have

  • Many people are reliant on CTC as a major source of income for supporting their families
    Losing their CTC can leave people struggling to pay food and utility costs
  • Resolving the problem can be a stressful and lengthy process, with people reporting difficulties contacting Concentrix
  • People are being left with a loss of income during the time it takes for the issue to be resolved