Eviction Threats and Rent Affordability Insight

During recent times, there has been local and national coverage in relation to no fault evictions for tenants of private landlords.

In addition to this, Citizens Advice Knowsley have noted trends with clients present to us regarding threats of eviction.

During February and March 2024, we found that 20% of our debt clients seen reported rent arrears. 90% of those clients were tenants of a registered social landlord, and 10% were tenants of a private landlord.

Clients we spoke to often cited additional factors regarding potential evictions, things that may lead to a threat of eviction, but the causes leading to that threat being outside of their control.

  • 60% of the clients with rent arrears reported they had received a threat of eviction due to rent arrears
  • 50% of those clients reported they had been subject to a rental increase in the last 12 months; 30% reporting this was advised via a Section 13 notice and 5% reporting this increase was advised via more informal means

Many clients spoken to made the connection between increasing rental costs and cost of living pressures. Clients stated the connection had led to being unable to afford rental costs, which in turn led to rent arrears beginning to build. Furthermore, many clients we spoke to were also unaware of how a rent increase should be communicated to them, and their rights after this occurs.

These factors are leading to landlords beginning eviction proceedings for factors that may be seen as the client’s fault, but the reality is these can often be factors way outside of the client’s control.

75% of those clients reported they were concerned about affordability of a new property if they were evicted, and the ability to find a new property in the current housing climate if they were evicted, based on demands for housing in the social and private sector in the Knowsley area. 45% of those clients reported they reported a request for repairs within 12 months due to disrepair in their property and are not satisfied with their property as a result.

Clients are telling us that though they are not satisfied with their properties at present and repairs are needed, they have concerns about finding alternative accommodation, as well as affordability of any potential new accommodation. This is despite there being affordability issues with the property they currently live in.

Citizens Advice Knowsley want to ensure Knowsley residents are:

  • Aware of their rights in respect of housing issues
  • Aware of their rights in respect of rent increases
  • Aware of their options if they need to seek new housing
  • Aware of their options in relation to rent arrears

If you or anyone you know are affected by any of these issues, please visit https://www.citizensadviceknowsley.org.uk/contact-us/