Cost of Living Report


Heating or eating: What does the cost of living crisis means for residents living in Knowsley?

• 75% of people told us they felt financially worse off currently compared to 12 months ago
• 45% of people told us they were considering reducing or stopping financial outgoings and a further 25% said they had already.
• Of those who were considering making cut backs, 41% were considering doing this by cutting heating bills and 28% said by cutting food bills.
• Of those who had already made cut backs, 45% had done this through lowering their heating and 38% had done this by cutting back on food shopping.
• If the financial situation worsened, 22% would borrow money from family or friends, 21% wouldn’t know what to do, and 18% would return to Citizens Advice for further help.

Research from Citizens Advice Knowsley shows that the cost of living crisis is already having a devastating effect on the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable sectors of the Knowsley community.